Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

I usually approach the Christmas season with an endless list of craft ideas I want to try out... here are a few that made the final cut as gifts for friends and family. I had SO much fun this year...

Notecard sets...


And as baby # 2 will be arriving soon, I thought it was time I got around to making a set of of matching Christmas stockings for my family. Here are two of the four; made with red and white toile with felted lambswool cuffs- so cozy.

Friday, November 7, 2008

New Faces

Meet the newest members of the wonderlamb family- first Toby the Monkey. Toby is here by popular demand- after many requests for a monkey in the collection, I have finally come to my senses and added him in! Toby is the only wonderlamb with a wee embroidered mouth, because really, what's a monkey without a cheeky little smile anyway? Thanks for the suggestions- and keep them coming :)

This season, I had collected a mountain of soft, snowy-blue wool, and every time I went into the studio and saw that wool, I had elephants on my mind. And so, here she is: Posie the Elephant.

Posie and Toby will be in the shop next week- along with some other new faces...


Many thanks to Jenny Lacey at LMNOP for her enthusiasm for wonderlamb. You'll find our woolly friends in LMNOP's fourth issue. If you haven't discovered this fantastic online quarterly yet, you should definitely have a look. The Australian-based magazine is for parents and their kids, has loads of cool features, is beautifully shot- and oh, did I mention it's free? Check it out here:

Saturday, August 9, 2008

All Settled In

The new studio is finally all set up- a cheerful, neat workspace that's got everything I need within arm's reach. It's snug, but bright, with a nice big window looking out into the backyard. I've got lots of cupboards and shelves for all my wool and supplies- which gives me peace of mind that everything is out of reach of a certain little boy...

I plan to fill the wall above the cutting table with lots of pictures, but I've only got it about half-full now. I'm choosy about what I put on the wall- I've got a couple watercolours I found in a thrift store, some family pictures, and a few contributions from friends. Here's how it looks so far:

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New face at wonderlamb

Henry the Pup is the newest addition to the wonderlamb family, and I must admit I'm a little smitten with him! The inspiration for Henry came from a certain well-loved stuffed animal I remember from childhood- he was a brown and white dog, with long, floppy ears, and he was designed to lay flat on his tummy, with his arms and legs sticking out on either side. This made him great for riding on (which we did a lot!), and sliding him around the kitchen floor while holding him by his long ears. I think my brother may still have this beloved dog stored away somewhere (I hope!)... The last I saw our brown and white dog, he had gotten quite flattened over the years, but perhaps this is not a bad fate for a stuffed animal... to be "flattened by love." :)