Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New face at wonderlamb

Henry the Pup is the newest addition to the wonderlamb family, and I must admit I'm a little smitten with him! The inspiration for Henry came from a certain well-loved stuffed animal I remember from childhood- he was a brown and white dog, with long, floppy ears, and he was designed to lay flat on his tummy, with his arms and legs sticking out on either side. This made him great for riding on (which we did a lot!), and sliding him around the kitchen floor while holding him by his long ears. I think my brother may still have this beloved dog stored away somewhere (I hope!)... The last I saw our brown and white dog, he had gotten quite flattened over the years, but perhaps this is not a bad fate for a stuffed animal... to be "flattened by love." :)